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About Monument Signs

Monument signs are attention-grabbers that can play an important role in attracting new customers to your business. A well-designed monument sign can make a big difference in the exposure and traffic directed to your business or property. 

Sign Lite has both the design-savvy craftsmanship and years of experience to ensure your monument sign draws the attention you expect and the durability to last for years.


Signage for the Fleur De Lis Center.


Backlit signs are large format color graphics which utilize a light source to illuminate the graphic from behind affording great visibility. These are an affordable solution with low upkeep and maintenance requirements.



Aluminum fabricated signs utilizing copy that is CNC routed through the face. These signs are internally illuminated, so only routed areas light up. These are attractive and very durable signs.

Sterling Surgical Hospital


The basis of most Sign Lite signs is aluminum components. This material alone can be used in multiple layers to add dimension, but we also offer materials such as high density lire thane, integral PVC, and wood to name a few.

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